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banging head on wall
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Looks like you have the lock assembled wrong here is a short video of my head phased. If you watch with aileron stick the red ziptie moves and there is no movement at all with the yellow ziptie. I rewatched the video and I have a slight interaction still with the yellow zip tie moving it needs just a slight tweek still for no movement. I think you can see in the picture the ball alignment is off a bit oops! as I describe below. The front and rear blades will move but the blade out to the sides should remain still no movment. With the video I tried to get the lock assembly so you can see it assembled. I have to upload the videos to youtube will be up in a little while. The first video needs to be opened to view it shows the blade grip interaction when in phase
phasing 001 (0 min 53 sec)

here I tried to shown the clearance you should have between the link and the lock pivot
phasing 003 (0 min 17 sec)

In the picture If you look into the antirotation bracket from the back you can see the grip link from the right blade grip is seen and the blade grip to the back of the heli is centered above the boom. So you pretty much have the anti rotation pin the swash ball from your right blade and the rear blade all in alignment. Hope this might be of help
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