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Originally Posted by ewoodcox View Post
so final note before flight testing, I spent quite a bit of tonight bench testing this heli, got everything all set. Twice tonight the tail locked up, I switched modes, the gyro switch and the light changed and the tail unlocked. I have no idea why the tail locked and I could not replicate it, I mean other that the first 2 times it happened.

I also noticed that they cyclic servos twitch when I switch between HH and RATE mode. Now, in real life I never use RATE mode and typically only switch between the two during initial setup flights, but it concerns me. When I see things like that I wonder about other design quality issues might be buried in the box

Anyway, everything is setup, moves in the correct direction and I have not been able to lock up the tail so it looks like as soon as the weather breaks ....she flies
In my experience, seeing the swash twitch when you switch HH/Rate is either caused by trim on your Tx or a gyro initialization problem - such as happens if you move the heli around after plugging in the pack, or if the power fluctuates during initialization. Usually, resetting the gyro by flicking the Gear switch a few times resolves the issue.
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