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Ack Brendon, sorry to hear it didn't end so well. How bad was the damage? Dink the LE up some? I went flying today as well and ended up flying through something too and even got it on video. :P Of course it was a foamie but check this link out.

I've a funny Story about Gordy by the way. After reading the article you linked I sent him an email since he was kind enough to put it at the end of his article. The flying wing in the above link is the first wing I've had in 7-8 years and the CG location has been killing me. Seems to fly nice but requires a lot of down elevator when inverted. Anyways, I sent him an email asking if his principals applied to wings too. I got a response back a few hours later saying it would be easier to tell me then type so here's my phone number. I gave him a call and we chatted it up for a bit and the fellow was a really pleasure to talk to. I got my answers and we hung up.

Now I learned to fly when I was a kid since my dad was really into gliders (check out my blog for some old pics if interested). My dad never shy was well known to corresponding with anyone and everyone in the glider community, and well since Gordy seemed of a certain age and of a certain level of experience it crossed my mind that he might have been the type of person my dad communicated with as well back in the day. Turns out he had and not only that they had visited each other in the past too. Pretty cool coincidence.

Back on topic, hope to see pictures of your finished Speedo when you get a chance.

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