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Wow what an awesome plane! Just got back from 20kmph breezes and a maidened Speedo. After flying my plank (Windrider Bat) for 70 minutes straight (only the one landing!) the Speedo was a dream to fly. Sadly I horribly messed up the landing (its a tricky site) and put spoilerons on way too early plus started my final way too far out. Ended stalling over a building and then she (I assume) slid down the roof stopping at/through a grill-gate. The fus kept going between the grate bars with the wings stopping at the grate. As per all the advice on this thread the vinyl/tape joiner ripped allowing the fus to slide through with the wings lying on the other side of the gate. Quite comical, my flying buddy took a photo which I'll post up.

As an aside that Eurgle servo is still playing up (did not cause the crash landing - thats all me!) and I did take a risk flying with it.

CG. Twyl/Cory/others you are spot on at around the 80mm mark. I did some test glides on a flat field and she landed perfectly flat on her belly (Gordy would be proud - see above for link to his article). I had some experts with me and they observed the maiden flight as I tried different trim settings. When I got her down (badly!) the final trimming had the Ele perfectly neutral to the horiz stab. And dive test - dived perfectly neutral, neither pulling up or tucking under. Also hope to get some video of her flying when my buddy gets it online. By the way with only an Ele throw of +-3mm I was able to do three loops in a row . Think this proves the Ele has great authority at a CG of 78-80mm!

So a really good day even with the crash landing. Lots of things verified from this thread.
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