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Originally Posted by cloud_9 View Post
But you are saying you are flying pattern planes in IMAC basic. Why aren't you flying pattern? If you move out of basic, you will have to stop using a pattern plane so I wonder why you started with one?

BTW I just sold 3 Hyperion 67" Katanas, the predecessor of the
Helios, with Hyperion motor and mount. I just could not see where these would be competitive in pattern. As you say, you plan to move up in classes, and that's back to I can't afford it.
I'm not flying 2m patten ships, goal is good flight characteristics for aerobatics. Can do that with these types planes. Not looking to invest more at this stage and gain actual experience before selecting the next plane, thats why we are using these tupes for basic. I think you would be surprised what you can pick up used IMAC planes for, esp 50cc size. Don't forget the plane is actually cheap compare with the cost of travel for the contests and such...gotta pay to play, but can be done cost effectively. Check out IMAC classifieds and giantPlanes sister site to RCGroups for planes or contact the regional IMAC director to see who is selling...
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