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Recent "parking" experience.

I had to run out to the farm to check on things a couple of weeks ago. The property is 3/4 mile down a really crappy dirt trail. The word "road" is far too grandiose to describe it. I won't go down it unless I'm in a tall truck or a 4 x 4. I check the trail for tracks to see if anyone has driven down it and of course seldom is there any evidence. The only people that ever head down there is a retired farmer that owns the adjoining field.

At the end of the trail there is a fork with driveways to each plot.

Well, this particular day I drive down and when I round the corner there sits a fairly late model Chevy Suburban. It confused me for a second then I just assumed it had to be Farmer Ray (other property owner) because that's where he usually parks and he's always in a different car. In 15 years I've never seen anyone down there that didn't belong.

So, I drive around the property and all looks well. As I'm about to head back onto the trail I remembered that I had Natasha in a rifle bag behind the seat. "Hey", I thought, "good time to pop off a few rounds to check some tweaking I did on it".

I get out, set up everything and aim down at the berm we have set up for shootin'. I just happened to stop about 100' from that Suburban. Didn't think a thing about it because no one was in the vehicle and I'm shooting in the exact opposite direction. Figured Ray was out checking on his cows.

So, I take aim and shoot once. Looks good. 10 seconds later another shot, then for giggles I rapid fired around 10 shots together cuz' I love that Commie "loose nuts and bolts sound" that thing makes.

Suddenly I hear muffled yelling behind me. I turn around and see something that looks like a laundry fight in the back of the Suburban. Next a guy jumps over into the front seat, hits the ignition and peels out of there like someone is chasing him, which apparently he thought was happening. As they 180'd and came around close to me I saw a woman, wresting with her top in the back seat.

Apparently I interrupted someone's afternoon delight.

I feel bad.

I'm sure they were married.

To other people.
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