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And Three short weeks ago he said...

Originally Posted by alwaysconfused View Post
naza related.. lol I am certain that I am staying with NAZA products. I have tried several FC's and so far NAZA has been steady and consistent as well as the easiest to set up and tune.
Here's your post from January 11, 2013 (exactly three weeks ago):

"Not sure how so many of you luck out and get a multirotor that works right out of the box with practically no effort other than to assemble it.
It is so overwhelming to get something you pay so much money for and it nearly becomes an exorcise in frustration just to get it to do something you tell it to do in the first hour of plugging in the power.
I am at my whits end with the whole thing and am so disappointed that with the amount of money these things cost there is so much work that still needs to be done to it other than putting it together.
This is my third attempt at getting a multirotor to do more than drain batteries while programming, tuning, reprogramming, retuning, cursing, spitting and generally being a large, expensive and aggravating paper weight. I have built 3. All different, all new and each one was a promised "put it together and fly" deal and all they do is beep, tweet and sometimes even turn the props but no flights, no hovers, no nothing. But I see all these videos of people flying their multi and I see all these helpful threads but so far nothing has been accomplished.
I am honestly not an idiot. I am honestly good at building and making things work. But so far this has been THE most disappointing hobby I have taken on yet."

How soon we forget...
I'm just glad you stuck with it and didn't quit...

alwaysconfused, I'm not trying to give you a hard time. Some of my old posts were made by this stranger, who uses my name occasionally, that seems to be out of patience...

And a big difference between those other FCs and Naza is this Forum and its members.
You all should take a bow...
When we run out of patience, you're there to share some of yours!
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