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GWS canard conversion

With all of the engineering marvels you guys come up with, my little GWS project pales in comparison. None the less, progress continues. Even though this is a slow stick conversion, I'm not so sure it's going to be all that slow. I know I've overpowered it a bit, and there will be more weight to it than what I'd like, but I'm feeling pretty confident about it so far. While running up the motor I noticed the torque is significant, very significant. Hopefully with the installation of the main wing and the canard, add in some airspeed, and hopefully it will be OK (but I can already tell that I will have to go easy on the throttle).

The main wing is ready and braced up extra good. The little video camera bracket (and camera) is installed, and I added a power switch (I got spoiled on those old jetis that all came with a switch!). I did not have any wheel collars to keep the wheels on, so I dug around for an alternative. I ended up using a one way type of washer (they splade out when you push them onto the landing wire, and it's a one-way-only installation - not sure what they are called) but seems to be a very good solution (in addition to a little tape, a dap of canopy glue, and the sexy plastic hub cap that was in the kit. The stock landing gear could not support the weight, even without the main wing installed. So, I went with a very small wire from one side to the other. This seems to have added the necessary strength....but the proof of it all will be the first flight of course. I intend to add some LEDs just to keep it interesting (of course it really doesn't get more interesting than a canard) but why not light it up. The last task will be figuring out the actual canard. Thanks for letting me share....
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