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Took my PSU to the field today to show off to my friends. One of the Pattern guys picks it up and says "Hey this is pretty light. My power supply weighs a lot more, how many amps is it?" I say it's 47 amp and he says "Oh mine is 70amp." I say, "How are you powering that, because mine uses up a 15 amp household circuit? He says it's not a problem so I ask how many volts are you putting out and he says 12V. Ah I say, mine is 25V. HE asks how that matters and I do the math for him. 12V*70A=840W. 25V*47A=1175W. Top that with the fact that your charger will run much cooler on the higher voltage since it doesn't have to work so hard to convert 25V to the 38V his 10S packs are using and he's like "Dude, build me one!". I tried to talk him into buying one from one of you guys who builds these things for sale but says he wants a bare bones one exactly like mine. Looks like I have to build another.

Blessings, Terry
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