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Crank-and-bank all day long - that's kid's play. Try pointing anything like this straight down at full-throttle, holding it, then pulling full elevator and doing a couple of consecutive loops. That's when the guys in the pits run for cover!

I don't have my data here with me at home now, but I was thinking one of my setups around 800W is probably the maximum "sweet spot" when you think of the battery you need for that and the flight time you'll get which will be around 2 minutes WOT. You'll notice my 1200W setup lasted about 1:20 and that was with a 4S battery (heavy). According to my pre flight calculations that was going to give me about 20% remaining battery capacity. I don't think a 1:20 flight is much worth it. The setup I used that gave me 800W was the HET 2W-18 on 5.0 x 5.0 and that was with 3S, so you still have good power and a 3S battery for the reasonable weight. Can't vouch for how long the motor would last at that power (I can look at the data later and compare it to HET's specs.).

Tell you the truth, none of the setups were BLAZINGLY faster than the stock. Lots of fun to experiment, but the "1M" isn't a contemporary, ultra-slippery all-out F5D ship with a razor-thin wing. It's a little "draggier" and going to go only so fast with reasonable power.

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