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btw, is there any consensus here over what is the appropriate amount of flights / rebuilds until it's time to just get a brand new frame for the components??? I've done it once before

I have this darn tail wag on my 450 3gx that started more or less out of nowhere, it's been flown i don't know how many flights, crashed i don't know how many times, and now test hovering it something very strange happened. The link between the swash plate and one of the blade grips bent a lot

Looking at it i think the main shaft is slightly bent, but still, strange. Not sure if the slight main shaft bend was from before or after today when the ball link bent (a lot) out of nowhere...

The history of it - It went from flying fine to tail wag (that was months ago and i'm only now really getting back into the beef of it). but i remember very specifically that nothing happened, cause it was when i tried to show off to my colleagues that the tail wag started, and i would not have flown it for them if i wasn't positive that it was flying perfect.....

I'm having a hard time testing it now cause my batteries didn't quite survive the move, they only last a few minutes now. But i've tried a few things already: cleaned the servos, reset the tail setup, and a few other basics. Next I'm about to swap the main shaft, bent ball joint link, tail section, possibly the main blade grips, and maybe a few gears at the same time ... and i'll cross my fingers and hope that helps.

I'm really just wondering, should i just say screw it, it's had a few hundred flights and more than enough crashes, and just buy a new body instead??? then i could use this for spares.

Meanwhile my tarot frame with the 2702 and a mix of components is flying great, so i have something to swap parts with if needed to figure out the problem, and i'm up for putting the work into swapping out parts, though it hurts to tear apart a smooth flying heli

I'm a little short on heli funds now, so i'm not sure what to do, try to fix this 450 3gx or buy a new frame and use these 3gx components.... I'm curious on how many flights/crashes/rebuilds you all get out of your frames.

Thoughts anyone, on the best way to proceed??
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