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Originally Posted by SoaringDude View Post
Very nice work Tuan. You may be an fnnwizard but you have the heart and skills of an engineer. In the immortal words of Dr McCoy: "I know engineers, they love to change things."

Chris B.
Thanks Chris, you can definitely call it out of necessity that I try to optimize where I think it pays the most dividends.

One of my thought process on this (and I would love to hear the true experts' opinion on it as well) is that removing weight from the " 4 corners"... nose, tail and tips helps the rudder to yaw the plane quicker which in turn helps to keep the fuse on avg more inline with the airflow which keeps the airflow more perpendicular to the wing... especially in the low level saves.

We've all seen planes go on drastic diets in the last couple years and it's a great thing. However a big portion of that weigh is not proportional to the 4 corners of the aircraft so the moments of inertia for the aircraft has actually gotten worst. Couple that with a slower airspeed and now the rudder becomes less powerful in a given thermal. It also becomes much more non linear. We might have to kick the rudder more in the begining (reverse expo mix)

Couple this with a lot of people still not using their rudder thumb adequately (can we mention adverse yaw here and incorrect slip?) and you get the "too light" for right observations.

Most people won't realize this at all but on these lighter planes, we will need to mix in more rudder throws for the given ail throws becaseu of airspeed. Not only during roll maneuvers, but also during the steady banking because for the same amount of bank angle, the plane flies at a smaller diameter = more in rudder to keep that airflow perpendicular to the wing. How much more, I don't know right now.

I'll know in a week or 2 if the rudder of this new 3.8X might be on the small side or if it is large enough to be effective in the low level more turbulent stuff.

So, I am satisfy being able to get rid of any amount of weight at the front and rear of this baby... now what to do with the wing tips ....
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