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Something we must be very careful about and that is over controlling the mentally ill because of a fear of what one might do. How many time have some of us actually been in a knock down, drag out fight? You really don't know you are in a fight until the first punch is thrown and in reality that is very few times. The same is true with a mental patient. Most of them will never hurt a flea intentionally, but seldom in comparison to the number of people being treated, something snaps and the trouble starts. In all honesty, I would imagine that more mass acts of violence have been done by people who would never have been suspected of doing such.

Another thought is how many crooked politicians have we had? How many crooked politicians were known as such before they were elected and yet were elected anyway. Now the one thing we really don't know is how many of them have committed despicable acts that we will never know about.

A society cannot control, either causing or preventing, integrity, honesty, or morality. Those are acts of will and as such are only controlled by the individual.

We all want to be safe and secure, but if we give up our liberty and freedom to have such, I guarantee you will end up with neither. Our forefathers knew that and that is why we were given something that spelled out the essence of what we should be and a prayer that we would fulfill the goal. At times we have and at times we haven't, but neither was because of all the additional laws that have been passed nor taxes that have been levied. Man, at his best, can only control himself. He cannot control others and all that have tried have failed.

Even Jesus knew that which is why it was freely given to those who believed and accepted it and started the walk. If the LORD GOD realized He cannot control man, what in the name of hell makes us think we can.
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