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That's got to be a long (real long) trip to fly a cub from AK to FL. I fly the J3 for an hour and I want to get out. Takes several minutes of being crippled-over until I can straighten up. I think people were smaller, or the term "ergonomics" wasn't invented back when that plane was type certificated. It is a fun plane especially in warm weather flying with the door down and window up. Oh got a story…

30 minutes flight west of here is a small group of islands in the western end of Lake Erie. Usually fly there a couple of times each summer. Take the wife, eat breakfast on So. Bass Island, rent a golf cart and have a blast. Year before last we fly up on a Saturday morning. Beautiful Wx to die for. So we do our thing and leave south out of Put-in-Bay (3W2) and I fly right hand traffic around the island at ~ 150 elevation and about 300 ft off the shore line. So we’re hugging the shore line with the island off to our right side and door is down. Talk about fun. Lots of boats down below with people fishing and swimming. They’re waving at us and we’re waving at them. So we circle the island once and climb up to a safe altitude to jump back over to the mainland which is only a few miles. Once over terra firma we set the handheld GPS for home which is a small private grass strip. We trudge home, land, and put the plane in the T hanger and kill a little time talking to the other pilots hanging around. That’s what pilot’s do – they hang around airports. The weather stays nice all weekend and I go back out to fly again on Sunday morning and I’m greeted by one of the guys we talked to on Saturday when we put the plane away. He asks me if I got a phone call. I say no. He proceeds to tell me what happened after I left the airport the day before… Several cars pulled up followed by a sheriff’s car. Everybody gets out and several of the guys ID themselves as DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency). Holy sh.t Susan! They’re asking if a yellow airplane just landed. Piper J3 is painted original factory yellow with black lightening stripe. They tell the authorities that yes indeed a yellow plane just landed. Not a good idea to fib to the feds. They open the hanger and look over the plane, get the registration out, and write everything down. Wow… So somebody got up the nerve to ask what this was all about. Apparently someone reported a yellow plane flying low over the water and dropped something out the window to a waiting boat near the shore. Yikes. So they must have had me on radar (no electrical system so no transponder) and saw me land. What I don’t know is why they didn’t contact me. That is a mystery. Can’t believe the feds didn’t follow thru. The guys at the airport said they didn’t look real sharp. The DEA guys wanted to know which airplanes had just been flown and the guys suggested to feel the cowling of each airplane to see if it was warm indicating that it would have just landed. Puzzled looks all around. And so I’m still sleeping in my warm bed instead of on a hard bunk with my cute butt up against the wall for safe keeping. All this written at work when I should be doing the King’s labor. End of story…

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