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Nice going Tom.

I have never used the method with a wide angle lens such as the D lens. I don't like the distorted view they give.

I took a couple of each of your photo runs. I selected the first one from the outdoor and indoor scenes. I then selected the ones with the biggest file sizes. These were copied to my desktop.

The viewer I use on my Linux desktop is fast enough to give the effect of a "blink" comparison by flicking back and forth between photos with the arrow keys. It's also clear and uncluttered - just the image and no unnecessary "junk" around it.

"Blinking" the images shows the improvement very clearly. I did notice something a bit odd about the indoor scene though.

The plant on the left side of the start photo is reasonably focused. The photo with the largest file size shows a big improvement from foreground to distance ( in this case the railings outside). While most of the photo shows a big improvement in sharpness the pot plant has now gone a bit fuzzy !

On the outdoor photos the overall sharpness is evident and.... the large house on the left (2 rows of 3 windows) is showing improved sharpness and a bit of detail in the windows. This seems to be contrary to what I am seeing on the indoor photos.

I guess that is the penalty for using a distorting lens ? Or could it be the lens - I believe you are testing a possible replacement for the D lens ?
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