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What an asinine thing to say. Maybe one day, you'll face an armed intruder in the middle of the night and be thankful that your state allows you to stand your ground and defend your home and family. Oh wait, I forgot. You're in California.

You know very well that is not how the stand your ground laws work. And if you're making an orthogonal reference to the Trayvon Martin case, I'd encourage you to wait until the facts of the case come out in court before assuming anything.

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I think in some states, if the gunman at any point felt threatened by the bus driver, he would have been justified in killing the bus driver. It is reported that the bus driver forcibly tried to prevent the shooter from walking past him towards the children. I think the theory is that, even though the school bus driver was where he was entitled to be and it was the gunman who initiated the contact, as soon as the driver made physical contact, the shooter had the right to stand his ground.

So perhaps the shooter is guilty only of false imprisonment of a child.
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