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Hey Daughtry50,
We sincerely apologize about the experience you've received. I'm more than happy to help you with any questions or order inquiries here. I know our customer service is not up to par but we are trying our best to improve it. I'm actually glad to hear honest feedback so we can improve. The way I see it is that when customers rant about our company whether it's good or bad, it still shows that they either support us or want us to know what we're doing wrong because they see potential in our company. You can PM me any questions you have and i'll be sure to listen!

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Gonna post this since it is so damn hard to get a person at Nitroplanes. Nitroplanes, you sell mostly decent stuff at good prices. Problem, like a lot of internet businesses, you want to sit back, take orders and sell stuff. Well, that's nice, but at some point you need to communicate with your customers. And your customers need to communicate with you. I hate the ticket thing. And the customer service forums, clever way to shield yourself from the customer. It is pretty easy to order from you and you ship stuff out quickly, just wish I could talk to a person more easily. I don't know, maybe I'm just lonely.
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