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There is absolutely no reason why you can't fly the APM2.5 in stable mode other than you would want to also fly in manual initially to get the PID settings right. Once that's done fly it in stable with or without altitude hold, as long as the PID tuning is close enough that its controllable and not oscillating wildy in flight then you're Ok to fly. I find that manual mode on my APM 2.5 isn't all that different than stable mode so you won't really see a huge difference unless your parameter settings are way off in one or both modes.

A Naza can be flown in any mode you like, I fly all three of mine in atti mode 99% of the time mainly because they're all on FPV quads that I record video from using GoPros and I find atti is the least jello prone mode to fly in. You can also fly one in GPS mode all the time but it will tend to fight you wanting to stay in one place while using atti will give you the same stability but much smoother on roll and pitch movement as its not trying to keep itself in one place.

Now that I have an APM pretty much dialed in on a FlipFPV frame I've found that it easily matches the Naza for altitude hold and position hold and in calmer air actually works better. The only real difference is the APM takes a lot more time and patience to get through the initial setup and tuning, once that's done it will do everything a Naza will do and then some for a lot less $.

To answer your question, either controller can hold position while you get your orientation right but it's a bit easier with the Naza since position hold is just that on the APM, it doesn't want to fly around in loiter mode whereas you can with the Naza and it will stop and stay put wherever it is when you let go of the sticks.
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