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Originally Posted by Renfield View Post
Strong enough wind will flip any plane on water. I've flipped the Icon. Lesson is don't turn around in high wind. Land downwind and taxi into the wind. Easy when you fly from a boat.

I've never flipped a plane like I flip that darn Stinson. It'll nose over in the grass every time. If I can put it down in the infield, it will - usually - stay on it's feet. But grass? Fuggetaboutit. Spends more time on her back than a pro.

If you are rebending your Stinson gear, you'll be doing the same with the Icon.
I've never flipped the common thing is to come in nicely and chop the throttle a bit too high and a shade too hot - plop - bounce! The gear doesn't noticeably 'bend' - but if you ground-loop on a touch and go after this, you'll know you 'deflected' the gear at least a third of an inch or so. Hence, the tape measure to ensure wing height being the same, to determine the correction.

You didn't mean "easy when you fly from a boat," I think. You meant: "easy, when you shadow it with the boat, on the leeward side of the wind, from said wind!"

BTW, I pulled the "PZ Icon handle" at 5:30AM this morning - tick...tock...tick...tock. ...goes the wait on shipping.
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