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I think you're confusing two sorta related things, but I'll take a shot at this...

There's two concepts here - control mechanism, and stabilization. Your control mechanism can use mechanical or electronic mixing - this is how you are able to control both collective and cyclic from a single control point, the swash plate. Mechanical mixing is when the cyclic servos sit on a tray that moves up and down with the swash plate when the collective changes - each servo controls one axis, roll, nick, and collective. In electronic mixing, all three servos are involved in all three actions - collective change is caused by moving the servos up and down together and cyclic is caused by moving them differently to tilt the swash. So, that's your mixing options - you will almost certainly want to choose electronic mixing so you don't have to go find an old kit that isn't made any more. Raptor was the lone hold-out using mechanical mixing up until a couple years ago, but the current Raptor lineup is all electronic CPPM mixing, I think.

Stabilization can be done many ways - one is with an electronic stabilizer such as the BeastX flybarless controller, or the KK 2.0 multi-rotor controller (which can run a single rotor also). The other methods of stabilization involve making the helicopter naturally stable - multiple blades and flybars contribute to that. Multiple blades raise the mass of the rotor disc, making it harder to move, and that adds stability. Flybars are a passive mechanical stabilization system, and generally can not be added to anything but a two-blade head.

You can fly a 5-blade head without any electronic stabilizer, but it's difficult, and if your skills aren't up to par, you're better off adding the stabilizer whatever it costs because it will probably save you money overall and greatly reduce your frustration.
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