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I have a question about CG.

With my Radian Pros, I used to leave the wings off and support fuselage with all standard, non-FPV stuff in place and then support the plane by the wing spar -- this would result in a perfectly level plane (which was simpler to just verify visually on the Radian Pro). On that plane, it seemed that the CG was right at the spar so I could add stuff and tweak the CG in real time.

Here's my questions about the Penguin:

1) Since the CG is intended to be 8.5cm back from the leading edge at the root of the wing, picking up the plane, without wings, at that point (with one finger per side) should yield a balanced plane, right?

2) with the wheels sitting on the ground, the plane is actually pitched up a little, right? So picking the plane up as indicated above would result in a slight nose-down if the CG was correct(?)

3) If the above is correct, then what surface on the plane can we use to verify as flight-level? Is the mounting surface in the bottom of the cockpit intended to be level in level flight? Beyond getting the CG right, I am also asking if this is a good spot for the Eagle Tree Guardian Stabilizer.


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