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Originally Posted by phlpsfrnk View Post
While I respect your opinion, it is one that is not shared by all. I have no doubt that you and others have experienced bad interactions with him. I have to ask however what purpose does it serve to bash someone that cannot defend themselves in a thread such as this? Is this the kind of behavior you would tolerate in your computer hardware forums?

This thread was started asking for noflyzones return and I was stating the reasons he shouldn't return.

I am no longer a moderator there just to make sure we are on the same page, I stepped down when I felt like I wasn't able to devote enough time to the job to do it the proper way. The moderators of each forum were responsible to quickly scan all the new threads each day and take care of problems as they arose. There was also a report button like there is on RCG but it usually only got used to report spammers. Just having active moderation like that kept problems to a minimum because the members knew we were watching.

The moderators here waiting for somebody to click the report post button is a very poor system in my opinion. When the moderators are active members/posters in the forums you learn peoples posting style and learn how to spot the trouble makers quickly. Noflyzone is one of several members here that set off my trouble maker alarm from the first time I ever read one of their posts. Knowing someones posting style allows you to evaluate the post in the context that it was posted in. Any single post might not cross the line but a pattern emerges of people constantly getting little digs in on people here and there. Those are the posters that cause problems for everyone.

The LTUP forum basically wasn't moderated. The forum was opt in by request only and it had to be approved by one of the admins. We didn't allow adult photos if you know what I mean, or links to download illegal material. Other than that anything was fair game. If you wanted to call someone a stupid rotten miserable you could do it. That forum is way more civil than LTUP is here, it self moderated and the trolls got ran off in real short order.
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