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Originally Posted by wba View Post
@abjets: i will use floppy disk hinges (yes i found one small floppy disk!). 2 on each side. the servo itself will also function as a hinge. i glued 2 pieces of some stronger foil onto the floppy disk foil to make it easier to stick it into the wing and the aileron. will make pics to show what i mean...

i am going to tape the wires onto the inside wall of the intake. at least that was my original plan. this is my first edf jet so i have no experience with how strong little obstacles interfere with overall performace. i was hoping that only the outtake with its compressed airstream is very sensible...?

WBA- perfect! Sounds like a winner. I also opted for taping the servo leads inside the intake...I secured them to the outside of version 1, but leaves the wires a bit open to possible damage and doesn't look so good. I will say that it was a bit tough to tape up the wires inside with the wing glued as I had already installed the esc/motor (ensuring clean airflow over the esc). It came out OK. Might build in some contoured tubes for the next I can just feed the wires up?

As for the hinges...I found some very strong/flexible mylar gift wrap(yup...the Christmas stuff)...even in silver!! That worked really well as hinge material. Just cut to length and really holds well with CA.
I was able to find some micro hinges laying around, but the mylar is much lighter and provides a strong/cheap alternative.
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