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Thanks Daryl great info

Originally Posted by Daryl Perkins View Post
ADS-initial discussions had the price at 2295, but I'm not sure if that is final. Bob doesn't have any images or data to put up yet.

Specs on the wing- 3.7 meters.
Sections- as with everything nowadays, modified everything and optimized for each span position. Modified JW section at the root, transitions quite quickly to modified Drela sections.
My guess for an AUW for initial production versions will be 65-68 oz: servo/CG/builder dependent.

I've got quite a bit of time on the first prototype. Being the first proto, it's heavier than the production versions will be. It's right at 73.5 ounces. The performance impresses even me. The sink rate is amazing. It's much floatier than I expected. It slows to a crawl for landing. Partly due to the section choices, and partly due to the increased usable flap span. I'm still learning it, but the plane gets better every time I fly it.

On the one I'm building now, (testing a lighter construction) I'm working hard to keep the weight down. I think 58 oz is possible, nose weight dependent. I need lighter wires... I added more weight in wire than servos in the wings...

Servo install pics to follow this eve.

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