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Originally Posted by erdnuckel2 View Post
Ok, I think I can spare us all this experiment !

The CX4 will be an identical twin of what was once sold here as the Twister police helicam ... just without the camera and with a different fuse.
But by looking at my Twister totally barebone and comparing to the pictures of the CX4, I am confident I can say this with conviction.

This also means, that hardly any of the BOL parts will be compatible - the shaft will be thicker, the gears will be smaller, the swash will have no center ball, the frameposts will be different, so even the landing gears will not be a direct fit.

But now I also get why it took Blade soooo long to release that - first all the traces of the Twister (which was sold at hobby lobby once) had to be gone, to not interfere with the CX4 money making

Well, I know a thing or two now (and the CX4 WILL actually be of good use for me, but I also know there is no need to spend the 230bux on it ...)

E2 out
Sven, do you think Blade bought out JP Perkins, I believe that's who had the Twister helicopters? Since they copied the Twister you would think there may be a connections, or not? Anyway it looks like you nailed it down, so since you have the barebones you thinking of just ordering electronics from Blade or what? (lot of questions)
edit: It's hard to believe they were pulling 15 minutes on the 800 mAh battery. I would be lucky to get 5 minutes with a 800 mAh in my L400 helicopters.
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