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Goldberg Monster Pitts rebuild

This was a "gimme" after it was crashed last summer. I put it up in the rafters of my garage and dug it out just a week ago. One of the lower wings is in kind of tough shape with 1/2 of the ribs missing or broken. The spruce spars somehow survived except for about two inches of the bottom spar at the tip. I can graft on easy enough and there is not much stress that far out on the wing. The only other wing damage is a slightly crushed tip on the opposite top wing.

The fuse is another story. There is previous damage to the landing gear / motor mount. There was copious amounts of epoxy and glass cloth trying to shore up the damage. I started to try and salvage the remains but decided that new was the way to go. My new parts weigh the same as the old busted up assembly. The new is made from thicker ply in may spots and doublers are added to the LG mounts. I've already done some reconstruction on the ply pieces of the fuse itself. The motor box will be installed next and finished adding the ply parts to complete the assembly. It kind of has to go back together "in order" so some parts will wait until the basic assembly is glued in place. I think I'll use Gorilla Glue for the assembly to take advantage of it's foaming action and gap filling abilities. Not everything fits exactly as it should. I'll also add some small tri stock to help tie everything together. If the original construction had use ply half again as thick the structure would be very much stronger with little penalty in weight. Of course you don't sell as many planes if they are strong to start with. The biggest thing that would have helped this plane is to actually use glue that bonded things together. It appears to me there is no, or darn little, glue in the joints. It seems most of it is next to the joint in fillet fashion.

I know it wont do any good, but I emailed Carl Goldberg INC with a suggestion to release or sell CAD files for discontinued airframes. It would really help those of us that like to repair these old neglected birds.
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