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No problems Shane ...

My reason for quoting 2000mAh ... is that is what I usually see as the LiPo replacement in Tx's. If a person can fit a 4000mAh - then marvelous - I agree it is near 2x, but then again - it's not in actual use though ... LiPo will not like discharging as low as the NiMh and will be damaged if it even approcahes NiMh low levels. So real use capacity is significantly less than 4000 ....

As to my using 1950 ... that was just a figure to say technology has moved on from dumb chargers ... most Nixx chargers now are Delta Peak and will cut of at full charge.
And if Spekie supply a 200mA charger ... mmm makes me wonder why ... for such a charger I wqould expect a comparable pack to be 10x that at 2000mAh so that you have the 14hr charge .. and lets be honest - if you have correct 10th set-up as long as you don't forget and leave it for days - it should do no harm. Most chargers in that league are not constant current ... which would damage seriously if forgotten even for short time.

Totally agree that this should not be a p***** contest and I do not post to be in one ... my posts are to show that NiMh can be used and used favourably. Many of the LiPo arguments used are when looked at overall not the benefit as claimed. Basically gone are the days of dumb chargers, 600mAh NiXX's, and the reasons to replace NiXX with LiPo ... but as said if Tx has provision and set-up for LiPo ... then by all means it makes sense. But as we all know - there are those who advocate modifying radios to take LiPo .. which to me is work for works sake ...

If I had a Spekie and it was fitted out for LiPo - then I would use that. But I don't. I have radios .. JR and others that are all NiXX based ... they all work ... they all give me long use time .. they all stand on shelf and hold charge for good period ... and all charge as designed via the charge socket.

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