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Originally Posted by solentlife View Post
On 2300mAh NiMh ? You kidding ?
On a good day I could easily run the stock 2000mah NiMH down to low voltage on my DX7s. Due to the fact I could charge it to 5.5v the night before and by the next morning it would be 5.1 to 5.2v it was definitely self discharging at an alarming rate. Granted, this was the Spektrum battery.

In fact most NiMh are low self discharge nowadays ... and that's a statement by a battery tech pal of mine who's in the biz. It's 2013 now ... not 1950 !!
It's obvious this is 2013 as the Internet wasn't even around in 1950 so we wouldn't be having this discussion now, would we?

What capacity LiPo pack do you use now ? 2000mAh ? What makes that better than my 2300mAh NiMh ? Nothing.
My guess since he has a Spektrum is that it's a 4000mah just like the one I put in my DX7s. Nearly twice the capacity as your tiny little 2300mah so nearly double the flying time. I would say that's much better.

Oh Dear ... 1950 again !! A standard older OEM RC wall charger of 50 - 100mA can be left literally indefinite on todays higher capacity NiMH ... but of course on older low capacity - you work on the 14hr / 10th rule.
A modern RC charger such as my Prolux charges NiMH at up to 1A through the Tx socket ... and has Delta Peak detection to cut of main charge rate at full. It then reverts to trickle charge ...
The standard wall charger that came with my DX7s is a 200mah charger. It will fry NiMH batts if left connected too long. I see no reason to go buy a standard "old 1950's" wall charger to keep from overcharging my NiMH Tx batts in the event I forget to unplug them. With 2 modern iChargers I see no need to buy old 1950's technology. Had the stock NiMH held up I would have gladly charged it with either the stock wall charger or either of my iChargers.

So please explain to all - what advantage you have .. so far each point has been negated ...

For me, the advantage of putting a lipo in my Tx was simple. I could purchase a battery off the shelf at my LHS that was plug and play for my Tx (the DX7s and DX8 take a battery pack with a connector that plugs into the Tx). So far it has basically no self discharge as it's been 3 weeks now and 6 hours of flight time and still at 8.1v. My old DX6i has been sitting for 2 months without being charged and the stock Spektrum NiMH batts in it are still at 5.3v. I see no reason to change that one over to lipo. Had my DX7s battery worked this well I would have had no reason to replace it.

The point I'm trying to make here is no one is trying to say that their battery is better than someone else's battery. It all boils down to what work best for each individual. IMO this discussion is no longer a discussion, but more of a pissing contest. Folks come to these forums to learn about this hobby and make the most of it, not to read a bunch of bickering between each other. There are pros and cons to most anything so I feel it's best to put factual, unbiased information on these boards to help people make a decision based on their needs and what works best for their individual situation. I hope I haven't stepped on any toes (at least not too hard) as that's not what I intended to do. And Nigel, I'm not singling you out by any means but your post was just the easiest to quote from. Again, we're all here to learn and most importantly to have fun in this hobby. As the infamous Rodney King once said, "can't we all just get along".

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