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I hear the crosswinds can be a little troubling with the PZ Icon. Especially on water (flippage).

When I get mine (probably order it this weekend) I think I'll wring every last bit of "knowledge" out of it that I can - initially on land. Once I can set it down within 3-5" of anyplace I intend - regardless of winds chosen to fly it in - I'll know I'm "there." It'll be my 'go to' plane.

I LOVE my T-28, but am thinking about selling my Stinson. I get tired of taking a tape measure in my kit to level the wing/ground distance evenly while straightening out the aluminum-within-the-plastic mains to keep if from ground-looping on take off, from a "less than ideal" bouncy landing.

When I can fly it on land like Paul does on water, I'm getting close.

I just remembered, I see Thomas every so often at my club field. I've got the (unmaidened) GP F-86 because he brought it, and the UM Spit (with the ASX3 or whatever) to the field. I was impressed by them. And he's an impressive pilot. And that German F-185, or whatever, "jet" that he has - that looks like it should be an EDF, but really has an EDF motor in front with a little 3" prop that you can't see, is impressive! I think it goes around 75mph+! Impressive for a fat little foamy! He's always "well-equipped" in the planes he brings!

Back on topic - I know 90% of you guys don't fly the PZ Icon on land. But from experiences that you have had, how stout is the gear? Any issues?
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