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Originally Posted by desertstalker View Post
Because you ran them flat the day before that?
On 2300mAh NiMh ? You kidding ?

Normal NiMH cells do need to be charged within a few days of use if you want to get most of the capacity out of them, they self discharge pretty fast. Not eneloops obviously.
In fact most NiMh are low self discharge nowadays ... and that's a statement by a battery tech pal of mine who's in the biz. It's 2013 now ... not 1950 !!

I use a LiPo in my DX8 for 2 reasons, the factory pack was a dud (one really weak cell) and it is now charge and forget.
What capacity LiPo pack do you use now ? 2000mAh ? What makes that better than my 2300mAh NiMh ? Nothing.

The TX charges at 200mA (which is too much for trickle charging IMO) so you need to stop the charge before the pack gets hot. With LiPo the pack itself has a cutoff built in so you can just leave it.
Oh Dear ... 1950 again !! A standard older OEM RC wall charger of 50 - 100mA can be left literally indefinite on todays higher capacity NiMH ... but of course on older low capacity - you work on the 14hr / 10th rule.
A modern RC charger such as my Prolux charges NiMH at up to 1A through the Tx socket ... and has Delta Peak detection to cut of main charge rate at full. It then reverts to trickle charge ...

So please explain to all - what advantage you have .. so far each point has been negated ...

Frankly, modern chargers should come with a Li battery built in (like every other electronic device these days).
Sorry ... charger or item ?

Oh well ... the argument goes on ...

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