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Originally Posted by jims123 View Post
Will this work? is it identical in the 50 lb weight you recommend?

I'd have to pull the deck patch to be sure if there is a tube in there but I never noticed one over the RMG winch when in there last.. I will look more carefully at the white teflon inserts too, since it's possible the sheet abrasion cut a groove in one or both of them that is now causing a part of the drag..
You can use it if you wish, but the weave looks a bit coarse in my opinion.
Go to a tackle shop, and actually feel the different lines. the better ones are SMOOTH, and limp. To my mind, Berkley Fireline & Whiplash are a bit too stiff. Grab a hold of some line, scrunch it up in your hand tightly, then let it go. the cheaper ones with hold their form, the better, and supple ones will fall straight again. This help when they have to negotiate corners going around blocks / fairleads, etc in the light stuff.

Sunline Super PE is the bang bang for your buck, followed by Power Pro.

I don't understand why running new sheets through the boat, and trimming to length is so hard??? It shouldn't take more than a couple of minutes per sheet. You may have to adjust sheeting positions on booms a couple of millimeters or so on each rig, but that's normal.

As for the tubes, yes, they may be grooved, or have a touch of grit in them.
I have my rig tensioned pretty tight, as do others, and never noticed any hindrance in the jib swinging out. Make sure the counterweight is set so that when the boat is lying flat on its side, the aft end of the jib boom slowly dips below the horizontal.....

Just make sure the jib pivot is nice and free, as well as where it terminates up the mast. It's the little details that matter with this stuff...
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