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Originally Posted by indoorheli View Post
I just watched your vid, nice idea on teaching people

Idle up doesn't make your heli spin at 100% throttle the curve does that For example, brushless most seem to prefer 60-80% for personal preference Headspeed and headroom.
If while flying, It is also better to change to idle up above 50% stick (65% plus) so your heli doesn't fall on transition. It is also a good idea to match your curves for normal and idle from 50% to at least 75%.

Though since the heli does have soft start from Throttle hold you can spool up at a 100% just fine.

Ah, yeah, I probably should've clarified that by "100%" I just meant 'full speed', according to whatever you set in your radio.

Switching into Idle Up *while* flying will probably be in my next step of this video series, and I will definitely make sure to mention wanting to be in positive pitch throttle range before flipping the switch.

Originally Posted by Wookster View Post
Actually the time for it is right now. when things go awry, you need to be hiting the throttle hold. My bad habit was developed from flying fixed pitch helis. first flight with the mcpx, it got away from me, so i cut the throttle like in my FP out of reflex, buried it skid first into the ground. Gotta get good habits early to help the learning curve later, hitting TH when in doubt is the first step.
Did you watch the video? That is exactly what I'm teaching in the video... to learn to use it before creating bad habits. I just didn't get into using it as a way to do Auto-rotation 'landings'.

Originally Posted by Maxthrottle View Post
It has nothing to do with Autos. By cutting the throttle you immediately lock the blade in the min throttle condition; usually negative. So by cutting throttle you just threw it to the ground instead of cutting throttle with the hold, and feathering the pitch to your advantage.
If you get in the throttle stick cut habit, its harder to un learn it.
I don't understand what you are talking about.

This is STEP 2 in learning. I'm not trying to overwhelm people with how to use throttle hold plus auto-rotation to land. I'm simply explaining how throttle hold is the only way to cut the motor when you crash.

At no point did I say to cut the throttle. That is exactly what I'm saying NOT to do.
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