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Selling For Others

Let me start out by saying never ever again will I sell an item on a forum or Ebay for a friend. I don't care how much I have flown or how much I've put into it, never again. I recently posted a 600 on sale here for a buddy for the price "HE" wanted. I told him with clone parts that will not sell. I then without his permission put a lot of my Align parts on the heli. After he found this out he wanted me to raise the price an sell it for more. Of course we had a disagreement and I removed the heli. Don't remember how we got this far but we ended up putting the heli on Ebay for about $200 more than what we had it for on the Forum. I should have been serious when I said "I bet you $100 that it will not sell." Guess what it did not sell, I would have been $100 richer. While on Ebay I was contacted by someone that I could telll that he knew what he was talking about when he mentioned a few things. This dude pretty much listed out prices which he was off but he had some good points. Already upset that this thing was under my name for this price and I knew it would not sell I did not like his approach. So what I told him is "I can post whatever I want for how much I want just people don't have to buy it if they don't want to." I still believe this but his answer was a better one. He said but not his exact words " there are newbes out there that will think what they see on Ebay is a deal while they are getting ripped off." like I said not his exact words but in that matter. Other than the other BS that he said, that was the only thing that gathered in my thoughts. My message to all is be fair when you are selling, this hobby is not about profitting from others but helping others. To tell the truth I was hoping the heli didn't sell like it didn't. To make a very long story short, we agreed on something before we even put it on Ebay. So I guess I kinda made out some I purchase the Heli and all the equipment for $450 no questions asked end deal. So I did and it is now mine to do what I desire.
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