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Originally Posted by jaizon View Post
Don, do you know if there will be any F5J contests around this year?
I hope so.

Right now I have five F5J capable switches -- 3 Altis 3's, 2 #2 RC Basics and 1 Sky Limit. I am just about to add 10 or so more Sky Limits. My intention is to put together an F5J Contest Kit like the ALES kit that I put together.

The kit will consist of F5J capable switches, 10 landing tapes, A disk with Gliderscore on it and a starter template for scoring F5J contests and pre-perforated card stock for individual contestant time cards to use with Gliderscore.

This will be available to groups who want to give F5J a go. Or perhaps for groups who would like to try a sort of F5J-Lite. The Lite is a simple blend of ALES and F5J which runs like our ALES meets but scores like an F5J meet. This might be a good way to break the ice.

In addition to these club tests I would really like to see 3 or 4 "real deal" regional F5J meets this year and, to the extent that it fits my schedule, I would be willing to do the grunt work at my cost for these meets.

One of the things that I hope we can accomplish this year is to sort of overcome FAI fear. F5J is really not any more difficult to stage than ALES. It consists of entering ONE MORE NUMBER on your score card (launch altitude) and entering ONE MORE NUMBER into your scoring program. You score flight time, landing score and launch altitude. The launch altitude is read from your plane immediately upon landing.

F5J will not be everybody's cup of tea. But it IS interesting and challenging. And, in the context of this thread, it will be the source of the high performance planes that will perform well in ALES meets.

Happy Landings,


BTW: If you have a group that wants to give this a go, let me know. And if your group wants to just try out some of these other devices, I will make a sampler available for your evaluation. In addition I will be at Polecat and maybe Nats if interested parties want to get together.
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