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Cutting off canopy base

Before sheeting the bottom, I am going to cut off the canopy base while I can still get my hands inside the fuselage. Other stuff can be done after the bottom sheeting is finished.

Cut away the canopy base as best you can—I did OK on the sides, but had problems locating and cutting between F6 and F6A. It was ugly, so no picture! I used a very thin flexible flush cutting saw, to be shown in a later post, for this operation.
After sanding all the mating surfaces so they were flat and clean, I lined the canopy base on the sides and back with 1/32"/.8mm ply for a tight seam; just about the thickness of the material taken off by cutting and sanding. The side rails were not flat, so I placed the canopy base on a flat surface while the glued dry on the ply; gaps were filled in later. The front of the fuselage cutout was faced with 1/32" ply, voids were filled, and some minor work was done on the back edge of the cutout.

The front edge of the canopy base was too uneven for a ply liner, so it was potted to the fuselage using epoxy & microballoons.

NOTE: As mentioned and illustrated earlier (post #47) the sailplane I am modeling has a different canopy setup—typical frame only, without upper fuselage attached. If the stock canopy will not fit the scale configuration, then I will just fit it as is. I am still toying with the idea of showing both types of canopies.
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