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Originally Posted by elee View Post
I'm brand spankin new at rc anything and just bought a quad copter--- a DJI F450 w/naza stabilzer/gps/fpv and want a flight sim that will let me learn before I burn. I like the look of RF 6 & it's non CG backgrounds but I'd love to hear your suggestions.
Just a note, FWIW - I have a friend who worked with me on autonomous UAVs for many years, including autonomous quadcopters. He was quite proficient with the mechanics of one, but has never flown one himself - he's always programmed them.

He bought a F450, all stock, took it up in the air the day he got it, and has been flying it without crashing for over 6 months now. He has crashed twice but both times due to the cheap stock plastic props failing... it's hard not to crash when 1 propeller suddenly explodes.

My advice is to not be very careful with it and spend months in the sim trying to perfect your maneuvers before trying out your quad. You'll get used to flying your first quad as it flies in the sim, developing a hard-to-unlearn model-specific muscle memory that won't help much when you actually fly your quad. Find a wide-open field, make sure the switch is on hover mode, and practice quite often in RL as well.
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