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Originally Posted by jhsa View Post
On the 9x you can use the telemetryEZ as a solderless option.
This is still not available for the 9XR. Only S_Mack can tell if will ever be.
A user from this thread already modded his 9XR to have on screen telemetry. He did the mod without the level converter (MAX232 thingy )
I personaly did it on both my 9x radios using the level converter. The level converter is needed because the frsky module talks RS232 and the 9XR processor talks TTL. I also prefer the mod with the level converter as we don't have to be messing about with the RF module's PCB and hence not violating the FCC and CE certificates.
I used this one:

Here explains how to do the mod on the 9x. It should be similar on the 9XR. Please note that going this route involves fine soldering to 2 of the processor pins. Also the pins needed for the telemetry mod, on the 9XR, are connected to the multiplexer IC on the right side of the processor. I don't know if it can cause any problems. But I think in case it does would be possible to just cut the connections between the pins ans this IC. I'm not sure if this could bring any other problems though..

The best option for the 9XR IMO, also due to the lack of space inside the radio, would be the TelemetryEZ board as it would allow more features to be added. A rotary encoder, and a little eeprom (in the future) to store more models for example. The board is small and could probably be easily installed inside the radio..
They could have really left a bit more space inside that damn thing

Anyway, this is all I can remember at the moment. I hope it helps
yep that helps....
but just a clarification. the traces on the PCB of the 9x/9xr
where it says to cut both sides, obviously I need to leave the pins in (right?) so that I connect to the djt module. now from those two pins what does it mean clear both sides, to cut any wires and scratch the pcb so that there is no connection to that pin anymore because it will be rerouted via the FrSky Upgrade Lite. what about the other pin? where the guide says to cut on the solder side, cut what? then connect the FrSky Upgrade Lite in the solder side.

is there any pictures with stupid proof arrows that say. cut this, cut that, solder this, do that....
god I feel stupid... electronics was never my forte..
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