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Originally Posted by bwill6 View Post
I've been curious to try the aquarium pump just to see how it turns out. Please share pics, weights, and material choice. Always good to see another builder
I used my aquarium pump for the first time last week making a Mimi vertical stab. I got the pump at Wal Mart for something like $12. It didn't take much to modify it to draw a vacuum.

I used meat tray foam (free), sanded to a roughly symmetrical airfoil section, .75 oz fiberglass (FG) cloth (I think ... I don't have the packaging any longer), 3k carbon tow, and West Systems G-flex epoxy. For the bag I used 6 mil polyethylene (PE) sheet (from Home Depot), plumbers putty, and felt for breather (from Michael's).

I put the FG on a piece of PE and spread the epoxy with a plastic card (one of the ones you get in the snail mail ... I get lots from Verizon). I then blotted the FG with a paper towel. Then I put the PE+FG on the foam core. I place the felt over that, then into the "bag" (sheet of PE folded and sealed with plumber's putty). I used clear plastic tubing (from Home Depot) to connect the aquarium pump to the "bag."

I let it sit overnight, then removed the piece from the bag. I put it in the utility closet (where the furnace is located) for a "post cure" (I know it's not really a post cure ... but it is hot in there ...).

I am not sure of the weight as I do not have a scale.

I can post a pic later today.

I have to say the thing is pretty danged stiff and I was pleasantly surprised with the results.

Next time I will use HVAC putty instead of plumbers putty. Also, I may use a premade plastic bag (probably a "contractor grade" plastic bag by Hefty, which I think is 6mil) instead of a sheet folded into a bag.

All in all, interesting, educational, and a cheap introduction to bagging. I can see why one would want to "move up in the ranks" to better equipment.
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