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In need of a job....
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I was digging thru my stuff and I found a 10x8 prop. I actually found a few. I bought a couple that seem to be much heavy thick plastic than the actual SC props, I forget where I bought them from, Hobby King maybe. Anyways, I wasn't considering changing any guts, I just want to get it in there air on the cheap and I already have the lipos ;o).

I do remember also something about removing a jumper for a voltage cutoff or something?

My SC is probably 3 years old, maybe 4. It only made a few flights before I got discouraged and went back to my RC cars, but I am determined to get back into flying. My wife says I need a hobby lol. It worked perfectly when I stored it away, I am charging a battery right now to give it a quick test. (nimh batts, I haven't switched over to lipo yet)

I also upload a pic of my props. The top one is the a spare orignal 10x8?
The second is a SC 10x8 And the third is the one from Hobby King also a 10x6 but much better quality, thicker, heavier. I dunno if that one will work.

What do you think? Thanks for helping me!
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