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Originally Posted by bryansifsof44 View Post
Sweet, how does the extra do with the extra batt weight for low and slow... compared to the Edge and MXS?
I don't own an Edge, but I got to borrow one for a video shoot and it was a real floater. It has an advantage over the other two here.

The MXS and Extra seem to be about the same as each other in the floaty department, and the big packs don't hurt either of them. Whenever I fly one of my 60s I have to readjust my style because they just don't want to come down. They sink slower and stall slower than a 48.

If I had it to do over I'de go with 3300s just because they would make the planes even floatier. I've been using 3850s in all my 55-57" planes or so long that I thought that was what I needed.

Ducati Tim has flown them with all sorts of packs and he likes the 3600s because it's the right amount of weight for his style of tumbling while still being floaty for 3D. I think that's what he said, anyway.

Even with 6s 3850, both of my 60s are floatier than any of my48s.
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