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Originally Posted by Jman44 View Post
Any other places have the 101mm carbon fiber propeller? Rcfoam is out of stock.
I looked all over for them, but no luck. But judging from the post above the 1mm shaft version is available. But I still wanted the shaft saver.

I am a new flyer and was looking for something that would make my crashes a bit less severe. (i know, fly more), but I found that the prop either broke off with a piece of shaft or the shaft would bend and become unusable.

I was looking for a prop saver that would help protect the prop and shaft. I could not find the carbon blade so ordered a few plastic 114X76 props at $1.50 each.

I also ordered the prop adapter set on the link above as well as the prop saver posted earlier in this forum. The one at the top of the page along with a bunch of the 1.0mm elastics.

The homefly propsaver mounted well on the MV and the 114X76 blade was a good fit. For you guys looking for more speed, this prop provides it, I have to hold the throttle back quite a bit. II didn't notice any heat from the motor, but given I can only keep this thing in the air 10-30 seconds at a time, I really am not stressing it. (I really need a bigger room).

My issue with the prop saver was I had to straighten the prop on the saver with each crash, but it didn't break. Sometimes the elastic would fly off and was impossible to find. For better flyers, this probably will not be an issue.

Eventually I installed the microflight adapter. It fits well on the MV shaft and the prop is a friction fit. It seems snug. The nice thing is it screws on the shaft so that the base of the adapter is snug to the gear. This removes the opportunity for the shaft to bend. I have not flown it much and hope to get at it again this weekend. I did fly it a few time in this configuration and it worked well.

Also, the blade seems to be well balanced and I had to move my .7 battery behind the brick for balance.

I think the microflight blade and shaft adapter may be worth consideration.

Also note. The shaft on my Night Vapor snapped at the blade. I installed the same size shaft adapter on the remaining part of the NV shaft and it fits well. I had also ordered some 127X76 blades to try on the NV it is working well. For some reason the NV now seems to like to dive to the ground. I think there a mod for that I need to search for.
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