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Originally Posted by Renfield View Post
+1 for Horizon/Park. Love my Stinson, Albatross, SuperCub, Carbon Cub, and of course BOTH my PZ Icons. I do like the scale characteristics of the HK Icon wing, with it's pre-cut flaps. Perhaps PZ will recast the wing mold at some point?

Thomas B has the two extremes, HK small Icon and KMP Large one. He's maidened the PZ for a friend and had several flights. Though he speaks well of the medium sized PZ, he prefers the big one.

Unfortunately, right now the big 71" truly amphibious Icon A5 is made of pure 100% unobtainium. I pre-purchased the electronics for it, based upon a lie by my LHS. ("KMP has stock, it will definitely be here before Christmas!") NOT!!!

Just finished reading this entire thread for the first time. Too windy to fly. Now I'm almost embarrassed for having asked questions already answered. I would, however, be extremely embarrassed if I had asked which way to mount the prop. LOL.
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