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So, free speech only applies to people who agree with your viewpoint? What if at some point in the future someone is elected who does not agree with you, and suspends your right to speak your mind?

Originally Posted by LoneWolfRC View Post
There is a big problem in this country with free speech. While I and all good Americans support free speech, there are groups and individuals who use speech, often anonymously, to promote racism, homophobia, misogyny, pro-Christian religious bigotry, xenophobia, and for many other villainous purposes.

Other individuals use soeech anonymity to prowl internet hang outs used by our youth to prowl and take advantage of them.

Consequently, while defending the right to free speech, I propose that universal background checks be instituted to make sure that those practicing free speech are not going to use it for evil purposes.

Mentally ill, people under the age of 21, racists, homophobes, pedophiles, convicted felons, misogynists, Christian bigots, members of militia movements like the tea party, members of corporate terrorist organizations like the NRA, will thereby be prevented from using our constitutionally protected right to free speech for nefarious purposes.

On the other hand, free speech will be protected for the weakest among us, when funded by billionaires, such as advocating for the right of people here illegally to be granted amnesty.

If universal background checks are good enough for other amendments, it is certainly good enough for first and consequently most important amendment.

What say you?
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