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They are also really pushing things with this new certified horizon partner program. A good friend runs a hobby store and he can't get these visionaire's yet because the first batches went out early to the certified partner hobby stores. I understand Horizon is trying to reward higher volume stores, and incent smaller dealers to move more product, but it's definitely frustrating for us customers who want to drive business to particular stores but are penalized for doing so by having to wait. Fortunately, the weather is not very conducive to flying right now so I'm just biding my time and researching... The new Blade MCPX BL has my rapt attention as well, I just can't stop handing Horizon my hard earned cash!

I agree with an earlier poster that this thread really should be about the plane, and my jury is still out on it, so I keep reading, but just could not stop myself from commenting about this program and their association with their dealers. Since this program, our closest local hobby shop has broken ties completely with HH and the next closest large shop (100 miles) is not one of their preferred partners, so I feel sort of left out in the cold. I do not like to order things, preferring to drop in to the lhs and see what rubs up against my leg like a puppy wanting me to take it home. I have no doubt that I would have had this plane from day one if I could have picked it up locally. But by not having local availability, I could easily refrain and now am talking myself out of it. Thus far since these changes it has cost my lhs over $600 from me alone, and I know of several others that would have dropped even more than that locally since the change. HK is looking better all the time if I have to mail order everything anyway.
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