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Originally Posted by E1Allen View Post
Yeah, I laughed when I saw that video a while ago. I was referring to in flight. At what speed would the wings theoretically create enough lift to essentially bend it in half? Or will I probably not see that...
I have only seen a couple of flying wings break up in flight. They usually had linkage problems or were not built strong enough for the speeds that they were flying and started to flutter. I suppose that a wing has the potential to be supersonic but you would have to build accordingly to get those kinds of speeds to not have the plane turn into a shower of parts and foam.

Our planes have evolved to take more and more abuse. I think for their weight they do an amazing job. They would need more spars and possibly a fiberglass shell to be super fast but the weight would make them fly like a rock at slower speeds.

The six spar system we use on the wings has proven to be incredibly strong. The four elevon system that I have on some of the Hercs also would decrease the chance of flutter in a super high speed plane. Spreading out the weight of the batteries and radio also helps along with leaving no empty space in the wing.

Part of the reason flying wings are so tough is that they have lift the entire length of the wing. They don't have the center weight of the fuselage and the controls are the length of the wing not focused in the center. I agree that the weight of the batteries and radio is in the middle of the plane and that there are cut outs that weaken the structure but they are like a unibody and quite strong.
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