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Originally Posted by Mmarshall View Post
Not a fanboy here, everything else I have is balsa 3DHS and Extreme Flight stuff but I got this to fly close to home on rough fields.

I like it, its proven tough to me after my 2 cartwheels while doing rolling harriers. Has good performance with enough power for 3D and good pullouts but its not a rocket ship like my other planes. This is my "practice" plane for low and slow 3D but has proven to also be able to do more high-speed dramatic moves also.

The only beef I had was the elevator servo horn was flexing and did not offer enough throw for good flat spins and knife edge spins so I swapped it out for an industrial grade 3D carbon one and have been flying it like that since.

In all honesty I was not going to buy the plane, wanted the receiver but needed to upgrade my EF 48'' Edge to all digital servos to put it in and after going over the cost I just got the plane with everything. Besides the Edge would not allow rough field takeoffs.

Overall the plane is the only thing I am flying right now with the cold weather I can run down to the school down the street and get a quick few flights before my fingers go numb.

Its held up fine so far, wish it had ball-link connectors on the control rods but I can change them out sometime.

Hope this helps some in your decision making
This is very helpful, thanks! I'll likely pick one of these up when my LHS finally gets them...

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