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Originally Posted by GoAround View Post
I think the price is reasonable. In the UK the AR635 is 70. A decent outrunner and ESC has got to be around 80 and then there are 4 digital servos. We are up to the bulk of the 200 price, never mind that there is an airframe which has been designed by Quique to do all sorts of wonderful stuff and it's (almost) fully assembled.

I am happy with my purchase and will be happier still if the wind would stop blowing .. forecast strong for at least another week
A decent outrunner and ESC with 100-200 more watts of output than the Visionaire? That's about 50 USD. A receiver without AS3X? (which I don't want) 5-20 USD. 4 servos..30-40USD for ones that are probably overkill for this airframe.

The reason HH wont sell us the ARF kit for say...$120 is because they know we'll go and build it for cheaper. They have phased out ARF kits, and I'm telling you guys...the next step is a proprietary ESC/receiver brick like the UMX models already have. The want to be the Apple of the RC world. Keep selling you locked down packages for a bigger profit margin.

Case in point...the carbon z Yak fuselage has been on backorder for ages. They don't want you building the thing from scratch.

Another example ...the visionaire parts list has no pictures or description so you don't go and try to piece one together.

What are HH's strengths?

1-They make modular, no gluing required, decently designed airframes that go together in the time it takes to charge the battery.
2- Customer service

They leverage this to their advantage and force you to buy servos, motors, ESCs, and receiver from them when all they are good for is the airframe.
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