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Maybe for a little diesel, or maybe just a test run

I’m over 65 too, catching up to you!.

Here’s what I did. ( In addition to letting a little cat out of the bag!!!)


Click on
New reply

Then under attach Files
Click on
Manage attachments

Use Advanced Upload
Select files for upload…from..

This could be your camera card, or a folder for photos on your PC, or from the folder where you have stored the photos..

Select a string by selecting the first file, hold the shift key down and scroll down your list, or
Pick the photos one by one, and when you are done click save.
Wait until status processed says ok,
Then click return to attachment list
You view the thumb nail phot…and also add comments for each one

Save changes
Close this window
Submit reply

And for the rest of the gang, you can help me out if there is an easier way, or please correct me if I made an error, or forgot something.
JohnAV8R is online now Find More Posts by JohnAV8R
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