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Maiden report

The lakebed at Edwards AFB is like cobblestones.
First takeoff roll the right main gear screws ripped out of the plywood. Repaired the wood with super glue and used wood screws instead of sheet metal screws.
Second takeoff was within 400 feet climb out was smooth but slow. Continued with the climb and started the first turn. Noticed that the roll on the elevons was good but pitch needed allot more movement. Speed kept on increasing and soon It was at about 100 feet up. The plane was very sluggish and was hard to judge its attitude because it was about now 600 feet away. Was able to somewhat coordinate the turns and tried to make the first approach, but speed was to high. On the second approach I over ran the runway and the landing was 100 feet from the end of the runway.
The wings where level when the mains touched down and then the left main gear broke, wing dug in, nose wheel broke. plane flipped over and broke the canopy and vertical.
I was to much on the shaky side to adjust the trim or feel the position of the elevator stick. It felt like the plane was nose heavy. The D/R is 70% roll and 45% pitch with -40% Expo on my Futaba T10CAG transmitter.
I need to move the CG aft and give more D/R for the pitch.
I used 3/16 wires for main struts which caused the energy from the rough lakebed to pull the screws from the wood. May need to find some struts to absorb the energy.
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