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I fly at a few places here in Chicago... large city parks or the beach, during the off-season when there are no crowds (I use common sense). Technically I think it is against city ordinances, but I have been stopped by police officers many times and they only want to ask how they can get their kids started in the hobby. Either they don't know the law or don't care as long as I'm not bothering anyone or endangering wildlife.

I think the laws are a bit out-dated... they were created in the days when all RC planes were heavy, unreliable, noisy, and flammable -- so naturally cities created ordinances to ban them both as a noise-nuisance and as a potential fire hazard. With modern DSM radios, electric power and foam construction, there's much less risk of seriously injuring someone should you lose power or lose signal.... providing you are still using common sense and flying away from crowds.

Yes... spinning props and Lipo batteries can still be dangerous... but nothing like getting hit with a runaway .60-size engine or doused with burning nitro fuel. A bicyclist, baseball, or football would likely hurt as much or more than being hit by a foam/electric plane (unless you are flying at 100mph -- my planes are pretty slow).
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